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Heated bed products are available in four variations.  If you are unsure which best suits your pet, we’d love to help.  Email us on info@loveyourpet.co.za

Essential Warming Mat

Warming Mat is enclosed in a wipe-clean PVC sleeve.  Pets own bedding to be placed on top.  Go to Products & Buy for details & to purchase.

Supa-Snug Warming Cushion

An all-in one heater and super-soft cushion with removable fleece cover.  Go to Products & Buy for details & to purchase.

Chew-Safe Warming Mat

A highly durable aluminium mat with metal-protected cord.  Available to enclose in a padded PVC sleeve, cushion or stand-alone.  Go to Products & Buy for details & to purchase.

Donut Warming Bed

Luxury fleece heated bed with super-soft stuffed sides and bottom.  Go to Products & Buy for details and to purchase.

Timer Switch

Plug your heated bed into the switch and set to turn on and off at your choice of times.

Energy consumption

All heating products are environmentally friendly and economical.  Energy requirements are very low, equivalent to using two energy-saving (CFL) light bulbs (average 10w bulb).  Warming Mats can be left on permanently.  Timer switch can be purchased to set on and off times.


A specially engineered heating system is used to generate a low wattage (18.5 to 30 watts) gentle heat that is close to the normal body temperature of domestic cats and dogs. This temperature is optimal and ensures your pet is kept warm and comfortable (without getting too hot).  Hundreds of product tests have been carried out by the product development team.





Development Team Member, Spookie

Chew-Safe – exclusive to LoveYourPet

The Chew-Safe Warming mat is a product developed by LoveYourPet & is exclusive to us.  It looks great, is chew-resistant, does the job of keeping your pet warm fantastically and is easy to keep clean.  The heating mechanism is enclosed in high-quality aluminium & the cord is enclosed Flexicable, a specialised steel, chew-resistant power cable.  Great for puppies and dogs that chew. 


Covers and blankies are made of super soft anti-pill polar fleece (small and medium sizes) & cotton or polyester/cotton & 10 ounce max strength denim (for durability in large covers).  Covers are also available separately if you’d like to purchase a spare.  No foam is used in any of our bedding products.  We believe foam is inappropriate for use in pet bedding, even with removable covers.  It traps smells & is difficult to wash & dry.  For maximum comfort and for ease of cleaning cushions and beds are filled with a super-soft, non-allergenic, lightweight fibre fill which assists in maintaining body temperature and is fully machine washable.

Safety, standards & quality.  Made in South Africa.

Much care has been taken to develop products that improve the quality of your pet’s life but that are also practical to use and look good.  All heaters have an integrated safety mechanism and are made in South Africa to the highest quality standard.   Most materials used in manufacture are sourced locally from South African suppliers.

All our products are designed to be cleaned easily.  All products are made to be either fully machine washable or wipe-able.  All bedding products are fully machine washable. 

All products carry a 1 year guarantee.  In the unlikely event that you not satisfied with your product, we will happily refund you.  Please read our terms and conditions. 


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